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    A Jewish woman and a Palestinian woman protesting together in 1973, 1992, and 2001.

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    No-Knead Bread Recipe | PBS Food

    Okay. If you haven’t made bread before and you’re at all mildly even possibly interested in trying to do so, make No-Knead Bread. Seriously. It is so easy a four year old can do it and people love the resulting bread.

    I do a version where there are four ingredients including water (PBS suggests cornmeal, which I’ve honestly never done) and I take shortcuts on this recipe to make it even easier (after first 12-24 hour raise I just kinda scoop the dough into a ball in the bottom and then re-cover the bowl with plastic wrap/aluminum foil for two hours instead of messing around with a towel, skipping all of PBS’s step 2 and half of step 3). If you don’t have a dutch oven (I never have) you can use a round casserole dish or an oven safe pot (check the heat tolerance on that one though) with either its own cover or a baking pan laid on top. I preheat the casserole dish for about half an hour instead of twenty minutes, because if your container isn’t extremely hot when you put the dough in it’ll stick like a mofo and your bottom crust will get stuck to the bottom, but as long as your oven is capable of getting up to 450 fairly quickly and hanging out there for a bit you should be fine.

    If you can read a measuring cup and stir, you can do this recipe. It’s so delicious, and so easy.       

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    *uses your ashes as eyeshadow*


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    Yes yes and more yes

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    Team Speedo

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  • BIGBANG x Tower of Saviors~

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    you fucking salmon

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